12 steps visualization process to create future history

Get intentional and stay intentional by using this 12 step visualization process to create your future history.If you can make to visualize achieving what you want atleast once a day

All you need to do is:

1.Think of the outcome you desire.What do you want to experience or achieve?

2.Take some time to visualize the outcome happening with total belief.

3. See yourself in the picture ,what do you look like?

4. What can you hear?

5. What do you feel?

6. What can you see around you? See it.

7. What can you touch ?Touch it.

8. Change your poster to how it would be in your imagination.

9. Make the image bigger.

10. Make the image brighter.

11. Make the sounds louder.

12. Intensify the feeling, truly what you want,like it’s really happening

Creating Your Dream Jar

Write out everything you want to achieve on little pieces of paper and then fold them all up and put them into jar-this is your dream jar.

Happy Sunday Morningā¤

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