7 ways to have better conversation

I’ve watched a ted talk of Malavika Varadan. She shared 7 ways to have better conversation with anyone especially strangers. I want to share with you all. I hope it will be helpful for you.

Lets get started

Malavika started her ted talk by telling us what actually conversation is,

“Conversation are kind of links. A tiny metal link. Every time we talk with someone we form a link. By talking to a person, a family member, some stranger we form links, with this links we form a world wide web of conversation. Conversation defines who we are as a human race”.

7 ways to make conversation better:

Flood gate:

Whenever you meet a stranger, that stranger always come with something new. An opportunity to learn something new, hear a story you never heard of, or experience something new. When you see a stranger, and you really want to talk to them, but you are afraid or the words won’t come out of your mouth. You don’t have to say a pick-up line or something awesome. You just need to start the conversation. You can say as simple as “HI”, “HELLO”, or “HEY”. Whats the worst thing that can happen, “they won’t talk to you”, well they are not talking to you now. The first Word acts as a flood gate. Once you say the word everything comes out naturally.”Just SAY IT”.

2.Skip The Small Talk.

You can ask them something personal. Don’t be afraid to ask that, because once you get the reply you will be surprised by how much they share with you. Everyone wants to be heard about what they are passionate about. You can ask about how their parents came up with their name, describe a perfect day, if you can speak to everyone in the world what would you say, whats your biggest fear, etc

. Find The Similarities

When talking to a stranger, you don’t want to have a debate with them. The conversation should not go to negative side. You should make an effort to find what you both have in common. Because if you find what’s common you can find both of you on the same platform. The conversation will go alot easier and smooth.

I’ll share next four ways tomorrow, I don’t want to make you all feel bored on my blog.

Stay tuned

Have a great Saturday.

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