Accepting Reality

Sometimes in life we end up with situations we can’t change.

Radical Acceptance

Radical acceptance is a condition in which we have to accept all the realities we can’t change.

Now you’re thinking how can we do that?Right?

We will learn together..

First step is to remind yourself that you can’t change what has already happened. Before you know how to live with reality you’ve to accept that everything is not in our control we can’t change somethings,by identifying what you can and what you can’t control you can turn your energy towards coping with the things you can’t change.

Embrace your feelings

You might still be angry frustrated sad or you feel lonely-which is totally fine. Accepting reality means accepting your feelings too. If you accept your feelings and let yourself experience them without any judgement, you can work through them with healthy way.

Relax your body

If you’re feeling stressed or are pushing against the reality of your situation, there’s a good chance your body is tense. This is often associated with resistance and keeps your mind on high alert. Physically relaxing your body can help you feel more ready to accept what is reality. Try yoga, taking a hot bath or shower, deep breathing exercises, or getting a massage to help you relax.

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7 thoughts on “Accepting Reality”

  1. I always try to take this approach. Sometimes it’s easier than others, especially when strong emotions are involved. But it does mean you’re better able to focus on reacting to the elements you can change.

    Thanks for sharing. 😁

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