Others are more powerful than me. I will never be in conflict with them.
Compassionate alternative: It’s not about winning and losing even if I don’t achieve the outcome I want, it is helpful to try to give my point of view. If I tell myself I have to win otherwise it is pointless.I am defeating myself before I start. If I attempt to give my point of view, at least I will have tried.Trying will be assertive that means that I am less likely to be angry with myself if I don’t get outcome I want.

I learned in childhood that anger is bad
Compassionate alternative:Just because people around me couldn’t cope with my anger that doesn’t mean anger is bad. Anger is part of human nature , and it can be helpful. If we never felt angry about anything how can we change things. Anger is really important because it tell me where I’m hurting and what I value. Although everyone taught me that anger is bad , they may not have taught me how to be assertive. Perhaps they didn’t give me any position to deal with conflicts, maybe the problem was that they didn’t know themselves. I need to learn this for myself

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