Be Willing To Choose Different Thoughts

”I AM”, two of the most powerful words. For what you put after them shapes you reality’ Bevan Lee

Becoming more aware of your thoughts is empowering because then you can do something about them. You can actually change your thoughts.

William James once said, ‘The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind’.

I realized that being willing to change was a massive step towards conditioning myself for success.I was opening myself up to something better.

Whenever I caught myself thinking negatively, I stopped myself by literally saying, ‘ Stop,’ really firmly.Then,I was willing to see things differently. I knew I had to change my perspective and question my doubts.I had to look through them and see the light on other side, so that I could get past them.

Oprah made a powerful point about this in a story she shared in a video I watched.

She described an exercise in which her yogi asked her to lie down and close her eyes.He then listed different objects and asked her to let them appear before her mind and then let them go. ‘A full moon. An oak tree by the bank of a river. A red triangle’

What she learned from this exercise was that the observer of the red triangle,the oak tree and the full moon was the same observer who absorb all of the thoughts that come in and out of the mind, all day long.

The main point is- you have the same control of your thoughts that are coming into your mind and keeping you stuck.You can let them go, too

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