Be Your Own Happiness

You are responsible for your own happiness. If you expect others to make you happy you’ll always be disappointed.

The problems we’re facing with ourselves and other people are not new. And one of those problems is that we are needy. Why is that a problem?

We often turn outwardly for important things: Happiness, advice, affection, love, approval.

It’s much better to rely on yourself. Not in a selfish way. But in an emotional way. You don’t need others to be happy. It’s one of the paradoxes in life. We want to be liked and loved by the ones we care about.

But at the same time, we believe that it’s bad to depend on yourself. But it’s not. The more self-reliant you are, the better you feel about yourself. And as a result, you can enrich the lives of the people around you more.

Always love yourself. Be a reason of your smile.

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