Becoming Unstuck

Until I began moving, I couldn’t become unstuck, because you can’t steer a parked car, and I was 100 percent parked.

So, I got committed to figuring out what my knowing was telling me and started my exploration by buying a journal.I wrote the following entry on the first page on August 27,2008:

‘My adventure has begun…I ‘m going to spend the next few months becoming independent,taking responsibility for myself, investing in myself by learning new things, and pushing myself my comfort zone. I’m on my journey to great success,wealth,happiness,health,peace,and wellbeing.I’m going to go through the looking glass to a life where my goals are realized I’m so excited,nervous and happy… I’m finally taking action’

I didn’t know what I was supposed to do in terms of a business, but I knew the kind of person I wanted to be,and I made the decision to work on being that person.I wanted to be the person who explored her passions and purpose,instead of the person who stood still overthinking which then leads to anxiety, all because she knew she is not living the life she was supposed to live


Your life is so precious.Don’t waste it!!!

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