Can you answer these questions?

Am I doing what I love? …
Am I surrounded by people that I care about? …
Am I Happy With Where I Am? …
Is there more I can do? …
Do I feel satisfied? …
How do I want to be remembered? …
What makes me happy? …
How do I look at today?

What am I waiting for?

Can I have an impact?

It would be great if you answer some of these questions.

5 thoughts on “Can you answer these questions?”

  1. Yes.A poet is the only thing I am physically able to be, and I’ve been thankful to have a way to give back for the pittance on which I expected to make a life.

    I care about everyone, so, yes.

    I would even be happy living in the cold and in my van as I am, if I were given even five minutes, ever, night or day,free of my targeter/stalker. Since I am not wealthy, it seems fair after three years of cross country predation without any law enforcement intervention whatsoever ~ no matter how much well meaning communication I’ve offered about it ~ to assume that my culture is not interested either in the fine arts or in anything resembling true justice in defense of anything but money, and even such a slender chance at happiness is not to be mine.

    I’m just about half dead. Don’t think there is, no.

    Not a chance. And it wouldn’t take much. Being allowed to sleep on a regar basis would go a long way. I’ve been a year without it. It’s a military torture tactic, and our police apparently couldn’t care less.

    I’ve worked so hard to be remembered as a smiling and affirmative, contributive influence to my society and world. My society and world do not want that from me. They want something to hate, and then to lock up.

    Ordinary city silence and peace in which to work seven days a week turning out a world-class product practically for free would be a great beginning.

    I hope to be allowed to die soon. Don’t see anything but suffering waiting in my life’s future ~ and that’s just fine with those who are supposed to be employed to stop that from being a reality for America’s citizens. (Get a friend to wake you up six times a night for just a week, and talk to me about how we should feel after that.)

    I’m waiting for the forces of American justice to actually administer some of it here.

    Oh, I’m having an impact ~ a million strong, so far. Those were sappy feel good poems. I think that time is past, and unless something changes very fast and very completely here, I will be making a very different kind of impact than I had planned.

    1. After reading your comment, I think you’re so strong. I can’t give you answer in beautiful words as you did,but I just want to say you’re so strong and you are doing great. I wish you good health, happiness and success ❤️ I wish everything become easy for you
      Stay blessed and always remember you are strong enough to deal with every difficulty ♥️

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