Crack Yourself Open

‘When you know you’re destined for greatness,your potential haunts you.It keeps you up at night.You won’t feel complete until you succeed’ Mama Zara

One of the biggest reasons why we fail to show up for our dreams is that we lack clarity,especially in the beginning

The knowing us all in different ways but it’s usually an unshakable feeling that you are supposed to do something bigger with your life,something amazing.

Sometimes it’s our environment and experiences that spark the knowing inside of us,like a situation that’s making you feel unhapy or a challenge you are facing.Other times it’s the people around us who inspire us to want more.We see them achieving amazing things and we know deep down we can too.It could even be blog,movie,a piece of music that leave us dreaming.’What if there is more for me?’but once we encounter our knowing,it niggles at us until we do something about it, we don’t always know what is the next step to take.

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