Dream Big

In fact,at times in my life,I’ve felt so unbelievably angry at my niggle/feeling.This feeling of more abruptly enters your life,like a light switching on inside you,but then leaves you guessing as to what on earth it all.means, what you arr supposed to do about it,and sometimes,leaves you wanting to scream,what the heck i am supposed to do noe? which ultimately leaves you feeling lost and sometimes in despair..

Recently I was at a Gabrielle Bernstein workshop and practically everyone in the room was therr because their light had been switched on,the knowing had entered their lives,but they just didn’t know what they were supposed to do about it and were there in the hope of figuring it out.

One person stood up to speak in the middle of the crowded room.Tears rolled down her.face and her hands trembled as she explained how she’d been a stay at home mom for five years and devoted her life for being there for other people,but her knowing had entered her life sait to her,’What are you doing for you?You live for everyone else,which is amazing but what about you?Show up for up for your dreams dream big


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