If you’re struggling, I just want to tell you that your wounds will heal soon, you will be okay soon.

I hope this post will be helpful for someone who’s in need ❤️

Best wishes for new year.

5 thoughts on “Healing”

  1. Thank you so much for this, Sana. I really needed to read this tonight. Having had a nice couple of days on Boxing Day and the next day with my family, it’s now the 6th anniversary of my Mum’s passing, so it’s been tough today. Also, my counselling comes to the end on Wednesday coming, and I’ve got a long wait before I can be given someone else. I’m very worried about it, so seeing your words tonight brought some reassurance and comfort. Thank you. I wish you a Happy New Year. Xx 💐💕

    1. I’m sooo glad. Your words made me smile. I am sorry for your loss. Lots of prayers for you. Don’t ever be sad , she doesn’t want to see you worried or sad. Have a great day. Best wishes for your new year♥️
      You’re great!!♥️

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