How to deal with difficult time? (Tips)

When will my bad time end?
We frequently ask ourselves this question when facing a challenging situation, but have you ever thought, “What am I going to learn from this difficult time?” Nothing that happens to us occurs without a cause; nonetheless, it is human nature for us to always concentrate on the negative rather than the positive, which is perfectly OK.

Tough times gives us the opportunity to build strength and courage in a way the good times don’t. When circumstances are tough, we are forced to dig deeper than we ever imagined we could, but we always manage to survive (eventually). Hard times give us the strength to face and handle things we’ve never wanted to.

In this post I will share some tips which might be helpful for you

Stay Positive:

When you maintain your positive attitude, you give yourself the best chance to not only get through those difficult moments but also improve as a person.

When things go bad in your life, you have two options. You have two choices: either stay positive and convince yourself that there is, in fact, light at the end of the tunnel and that you will get through, or curl up in a corner and accept your status as nothing more than a victim of circumstance.

I’m not saying you won’t ever experience difficult times, feel a little discouraged, or cry. But I’m suggesting that eventually you have to pick up the pieces and get on.

2. Be Creative

There are times when there is little you can do to change the situation. You simply have to put up with it. But, there are other times in which you can take action to change the situation.

The answer won’t be obvious because if it were, you probably wouldn’t have found yourself in that situation in the first place. Yet, if you can stand back and consider the wider picture, you could find something that can be useful.

3.Take a lesson from the challenging times:

When I find myself in middle of an ugly situation, I like to pick everything apart and see what went wrong and what I could’ve done differently. I always end up learning something that helps me and I eventually get a really clear picture of what I need to do to make sure I’m not in the same situation again. Or if I do find myself in a similar situation, I know what to do to minimize the difficulty of the situation.

It’s easier getting through a difficult time when you know the chances of it happening again are slim to none.

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  • You have no motivation to do anything, including going out with friends or completing tasks
  • You feel anxious and worried about little things in life
  • Negative thoughts and feelings of anger are often playing themselves in your mind
  • You feel restless, irritable and often lash out at the people who are closest to you
  • It can be difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep, regardless of how tired you may be
  • You can’t concentrate on anything, your mind feels like jelly and you are more forgetful than ever.
  • You have headaches, backaches, joint pain and other physical ailments that you can’t pin-point the problem and don’t respond to regular treatments
  • Some days you feel sad or guilty about the things you haven’t done, and regrets play heavy on your mind.
  • Even when there is a room full of people around you, you still feel lonely and worry that no one really likes you.
  • You have problems with weight and you are starting to feel overwhelmed by your own life.

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10 thoughts on “How to deal with difficult time? (Tips)”

  1. Interesting post Sana. I think we don’t always see what we’ve learned until we’re through the other side. I do like your suggestions for dealing with it at the time and looking for those opportunities.

    I’m a bit concerned that your list of symptoms (assuming related to depression) might lead some people to think they’re depressed because they tick some of the things on the list when they’re not, they might have other conditions or problems. I could tick 4 or 5 of those, but don’t consider I’m depressed … but now I’m wondering 🤔 🙃

      1. Some of symptoms from this list can be normal and almost everyone can relate to them. However, when they become severe, they become difficult to manage.

      2. I think it’s great to be questioning ang inquiring within our selves. Self inventory and checking in to see how we really are and how we are doing really…. Don’t edit. If something is triggered- means your attention should be brought to it… doesn’t mean anyone will be like oh no I’m so sad or whatever but it does allow others to deal and heal whatever came up for them…

  2. My go to during hard times is simply reminding myself- I have faced far FUCKING worse…. Things that I shouldn’t of survived. So if I’m still here and waking up every single day- that means I am winning no matter how painful or bleak things are/look. Period. Everything works itself out. Patience and compassion for self goes a very long way. 💚

    Excellent writing as always Sana boo 🥰💚🥰

    1. I think it’s very important to be proud of ourselves and knowing that we’re doing great job. I’m happy that you’re aware of your strengths. Proud of you ❤️
      Thank you sweetheart.

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