Ideas into reality

Life is constantly nudging all of us to play bigger to share our messages ,to turn our ideas in to reality , to chase our dreams.

We were born to do wonderful things and to have big dreams in our mind .If a man can reach the moon , robots on the mars , and fly space probes all the way to pluto we can also achieve our dreams and they’re more easy than all these but remeber it is only you who can do efforts to acheieve goals and dreams No one can do efforts on behalf of you .

In life we have alot of oppurtunites that came in our way so many dreams and ideas that we come up with and we truly owe it to ourselves to make them happen . But sometimes we don’t take that oppurtunities seriously and we lose them but it’s not too late. You can do everything you want to but remember you are the one who can do it Don’t expect from someone to come and acheieve your goals for you

Sometimes we take our problems so seriously we worry about them rathet than concentrating on all the solutions and oppurtunities We hold our dreams and get stuck in our routine Our dreams stay locked in our minds never seeing the light of day even though we’d really love to put them out into the world .

So what’s the problem? Why do we do this?

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