It’s all about you

In 2011,when I created my mission:success challenge,I knew the first thing I had to do was work on myself. I knew that I had to take 100 percent responsibility of my life ,my dreams ,my goals,because I was the only one who could show up for them .

In my experience,working on yourself-conditioning yourself for success is far more better than any business strategy,because if you don’t have have right mindset you’ll get in your own way and won’t be able to create the success you want.

So first step is turning your ideas into reality and becoming a wildly successful entrepreneur is to look inward

That’s what we are going to do right now.

When I set off on my mission one of the things I realized early on is this:

As entrepreneurs, the one thing we have to keep on doing is showing up for our dreams and our ideas,because we’re the only ones that can turn them into reality

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