It’s not always your fault

Stop putting all the blame on yourself. It is not your fault if your life is not going well right now. It is not your fault or if someone does not love you or care for you as you do or talk to you with the same energy as you. It’s good to acknowledge your mistakes, but not all of them are your own. Sometimes we let ourselves down to save a relationship. Within oneself, look for happiness and peace. I’ve found a calm and happiness that I had never really experienced before ever since I started focusing on making myself happy. My worst habit was that I never valued myself. Everyone makes mistakes, but not every mistake is yours.

Since I found my own happiness, I’ve never required someone to make me happiness or peace. Whether anything is good or unpleasant, I believe there is always a lesson to be learned. Making mistakes might be beneficial at times. There is no reason or value to reflect on the past. Live in the present and forget the past.

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