Love Yourself

Today I’ll talk about loving yourself. I am not sure about men but we women sometimes can’t love ourselves. Sometimes we hurt ourselves because what I think is women are more sensitive than men’s. I am not saying men can’t be sensitive. Being sensitive is part of nature not gender but what I noticed is that women are so sensitive. We expect so much from other people especially from the one’s we love. We hurt ourselves by comparing ourselves with others it can be comparing your looks,money,clothes,colour,height,your love life or it can be anything. Sometimes we take things too seriously which hurts us alot. We destroy our mental health by doing this. One thing I’ll say is nobody care about how you feel or how you look and nobody remember what you’ve done for them. At the end it will be only you. Don’t care about anyone. Nobody care about you. Just love yourself,no matter who you are. Here are some ways I want to share with you all. As I am also learning,I can be wrong in some things. I’ll value your opinions.

Stop comparing yourself with others

Don’t worry about others opinion

Take care of yourself

Don’t expect.

You are precious. Take care of yourself.

Stay happy.

7 thoughts on “Love Yourself”

  1. In the old days that was probably true. But in this day and time it seems that no body cares about anyone. I am a man a I have given everything I every relationship I have been in only to get a knife stuck in my back.

    1. Everybody has different experiences and I truly appreciate you for sharing your experience. And I feel sorry for you. I wish you happiness. There are must be some people who care about you.Thanks again for sharing your experience with me.

      1. I am just an old stray cat. When the old stray cat walks down the street no body even notices unless they need something from it. Most times it is considered useless.

      2. You’re not useless. I am saying this to you. Don’t consider yourself useless. If nobody care about you, don’t worry. You’re with you. Care about yourself. Take care of yourself. Your life is precious. Find a reason why you’re here. Take care. Stay happy. You’re precious.

  2. As kid, we were never taught to prioritize ourselves and love ourselves unconditionally. Often, we look externally for validation when it should come from within.

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