Permission To Dream

When I was teenager,I had a black folder,where I stored my ideas and dreams.Inside my folder I had a picture of a blue VW Beetle Cabriolet, with cream leather interior.I cut out a picture of my face from a paragragh and stuck it over the top of the model’s head.

As I was still in school at the time, I also photocopied my grade card and replaced my actual grades with the ones I wanted. I altered a bank statement to show millions in my account .I printed out pictures of places I wanted to visit, things I want to buy – I put a bottle of perfume in there of how I wanted to smell once I was successful

2 thoughts on “Permission To Dream”

  1. I loved your things inside your black folder. The idea of something more visual than a list is really appealing. I think I’m going to adopt that as a reminder of what’s important in my dreams

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