Self Care

When you spend your time thinking about work, friends and other people, it’s easy to lose track of something important: taking care of yourself.

From maintaining good exercise and sleep habits to setting aside time to relax each day, simple self-care activities can have a big impact on your moods, thoughts and overall mental wellbeing. 

Here are some things you need to do:

Stick To a Sleep Schedule

Get Some Sunlight and Fresh Air

Start Your Day with Something You Enjoy

Get At Least 30 Minutes of Daily Exercise

Be Your Own BFF

Don’t Feel Afraid to Say, “No

Make Healthy Cooking a Habit

Put Your Phone on Silent Mode

Self-care is an important part of keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy.

Take care of yourself. Have a great day

5 thoughts on “Self Care”

  1. Youre right, self care is so important and should be our top priority, but its too easy to put our own needs behind everyone else. Trying to prioritise my own needs and not feel guilty at looking after myself, practicing self care

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