Self Confidence

Being self-confident is about the trust and love you have for yourself and your emotional intelligence to deal with challenges, solve problems, make decisions, and engage with others.

What are the advantages of being self confident?

1. Less fear and anxiety.

2. Increase motivation

3. You’ll have more resilience

4. Your relationships will improve

5. The authentic you’ll shine through

Five easy steps to boost your confidence:

1.Save all your favorite quotes that inspires confidence or write them down.

2. When you meet someone,give them beautiful smile and look in to their eyes. This will make you feel more confident.

3.Always show appreciation when you receive compliment.

4. Take care of yourself,dress nicely,love yourself. This will automatically boost your confidence.

16 thoughts on “Self Confidence”

  1. Being self confident is so important, and I think, yes it’s important to take steps to reinforce it every day – every day we’re hit with negative events/actions that can dent our self confidence , we need to persevere to rebuild our self-confidence

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