She shows up for her dreams

However,the problem is thag we’re constantly getting in our own way.Whether it’s our fears and doubts,or the facts that people surrounding us don’t think we can do it or because we don’t have time and money or we don’t know how to make it happen Simply we just think we can’t do it

But in order to succeed,we have to be prepared to push past all of the resistance ,fear,chaos ,lack of time money and all the obstacles of our way in order to show up and say confidently,

‘Hello dream,let’s be a team .I am here for you and will do all I can to put you kut into the world.’

Eventhough we might be scared,we have to dig deep and show up.

We have to be prepared to do this right at the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey and keep on doing it,because we’re forever coming up with new ideas and dreams along the way in order to grow and flourish.

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