Ann Cotton

Imagine a million African girls, all of whom come from a rural background and are familiar with the tension and disappointments of poverty. Envision them working in education and health care, politics, media, law, engineering, and science — imagine the impact they could have on our society.” – Ann Cotton Ann Cotton was born in …

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Self Care

When you spend your time thinking about work, friends and other people, it’s easy to lose track of something important: taking care of yourself. From maintaining good exercise and sleep habits to setting aside time to relax each day, simple self-care activities can have a big impact on your moods, thoughts and overall mental wellbeing.  …

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12 steps visualization process to create future history

Get intentional and stay intentional by using this 12 step visualization process to create your future history.If you can make to visualize achieving what you want atleast once a day All you need to do is: 1.Think of the outcome you desire.What do you want to experience or achieve? 2.Take some time to visualize the …

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Do you want to be independent?

If Yes then take action. Give Yourself permission to dream ‘Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it’ Roald Dahl Being an entrepreneur is a way of being.It’s about dreaming big,stretching your mind to envision what’s possible,what you could create and how you could live your life. It’s about dreaming-and then doing.

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