The Little Voice In Our Head

The truth is, for the majority of the people in the room (me included).
what stopped us from volunteeing were the thoughts we were thinking,’Oh no what if I embarrass myself what if I look like a fool?’

On the other hand, those that volunteered were thinking something
completely different,probably along the lines of, ‘Oooh, how exciting,pick me!’
This experiment had such a huge impact on me I asked James if l could use it for a TEDX talk I was giving called ‘Programming Your Mind For Success’ When I got up on the stage in front of nearly 1,000 people and asked for volunteer, tne exact Same thing happened-the majority of
the room shrank into their seats and only one hand went up.

A guy called lan Forrester climbed up to the stage,I handed him $20,
the audience applauded and he went and sat back down. A few weeks later we met up over a cup of tea and he told me how a brush with death a few years earlier made him make the decision that he was never going to let anything stand in nis way. He said, Feople are paralyzed by
their fear of what might happen, and so they won’t reach out and grab what’s in front of them. And that’s pretty much what I did.

This small experiment proves a powertul point:what is going on inside of you (your thoughts _feelings) determines the decisions you make,and those decisions are creating your future and determining which path youre walking down.

Youre the one who gets to decide whether you show up tor your dreams and play big and live the life you want or whether you ignore them and play small.

It’s on you!!!!Only You

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