Tips To Stay Positive

You’ll need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help you stay positive-even when you’re unsure of everything.Here follow some of my favourites.

Start with your body

I learned from Tony Robbins that faster way to change how you feel is to change your posture. Usually, we we’re feeling low or out of control we’re hunched over,with head held low. When we’re positive and confident then we tend to sit or stand syraight,head held high.

Changing your posture to standing or sitting tall with your head high psychologically tells your brain that you are feeling good.It changes your state of mind. Whenever you become aware that you are feeling low or stressed,take a deep breath and smile. Smile has the power to make you feel so much better.

As the saying goes ‘fake it until you make it’.This is a bit of trickery after all.

Make it mission to feed your mind with amazing consistently.

Take some time to research good audio programs or books you want to read, browse through podcasts on iTunes or head over youtube and make playlist of inspirational videos you can watch time and time again Make it easy on yourself by having the right stuff at your fingerprints as and when you need to call on it.

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