What Am I supposed to do?

A light switch had gone on inside of her,she knew there was something more that she needed to be doing,but shr felt so.lost…and in despair.She was asking a question.”What am I supposed to do?”

This is a question I am all too familiar with because I probably asked myself that question everyday for nearly three years.The more I asked that questiom,the worse I felt,because I didn’t have a clue.

At that time,I was running my phone unlocking business.It had become a huge success,but I felt like I was doing the wrong thing with my life My knowing had re-entered with conviction,like it often does to steer you back on track,and it was making me question everything.

I felt like I was supposed to be doing something bigger,something more meaningful.Everyday I wondered ‘Why do I feel like this?Can someone please help me?

There where days when was in despait and just wanted to cry,because I didn’t know what to do.

But then it dawned on me that the reason I didn’t have a clue was because I was largerly doing nothing

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