What is success?

Everyone defines success differently; success can be defined in a variety of ways.
Some people define success as having more money, a strong relationship with God, and obtaining the things they desire.
Others define success as being happy and healthy.
Everyone defines success differently.
In this post, I’ll discuss some different definitions of success.
Achieving the goal of assisting myself and others in living a better, happier, and healthier life.”

“Achieving goals that enable others to succeed.”
“A positive outcome from hard work and valuable experience.”
“Success is determined by perception. It may be a defeat, but if you consider it a good result, you will be pleased.”
“For me, success is felt and realised when our works are recognised. A sense of accomplishment at the end of each day is also a sign of success.”
“A successful person is one who completes his work correctly.”
“Success is the accomplishment of a desired goal, such as obtaining name and fame, wealth, or a higher degree, for which a person has given his or her all. It is the positive result of one’s accomplishment.

I’d like to know what success means to you.

3 thoughts on “What is success?”

  1. I think success for me is achieving what you strive for including accomplishing a goal such as, a degree, finishing a project with good results, learning something important to you and getting recognition for it doesn’t hurt, but also being happy and healthy.

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