Why Women Should Be Financially Independent?

No matter if a woman is married or not,it is important to become financially independent for every individual. You must be thinking why? Let me tell you

In various sectors of the society, women are dependent on their family members for financial support due to various reasons. It is difficult for many married women to raise their voice in the family and in front of their husbands as they do not have the financial means to feed their families and themselves. If we look at religion it’s duty of a husband to feed his wife and children but some men torture their wives because they know that our wives won’t say anything as they are not financially independent . Married, unmarried, widowed, separated or orphaned, regardless of marital and family status, women should be economically and financially independent

Another reason is, as we know that expenses are increasing day by day so it is good for a women to help his father as a daughter , husband as a wife to manage expenses. It will be good for man because if we think about man it is so stressful to manage household in today’s life as expense of living life is constantly rising.

Once a woman is financially independent,she can use her money in whatever she want. She can spend her money in gaining experiences or travel the world as she is earning money by herself.

If a woman is independent she can live life in a way she want. She doesn’t need to ask a man for money if she wants to buy anything or she need some money for any purpose.

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