Write It Down , Make It Happen

Ever since I was a child , Dad always said to me , ‘Decide what you want and write it down’

I have another ideas aswell

If You want to buy a Car (of your choice) I don’t have any interest in Cars:)

Take a picture of your favourite Car from Google and place that picture at front of your bed Whenever You see that picture you’ll remeber your dream .Ohh I have to buy this car You’ll not be able to forget about it.

Writing is also best option

When you take your ideas and dreams and put them on paper all of the sudden they exist in a real form.They’re real.

When you write down your goals monthly,weekly and even daily you constantly reaffirm where you are headed and what you want to create.

Have a great day💐❤

Take small steps .Don’t ever consider yourself useless .You are alive You have another day to live oppurtunity to achieve .Don’t get worry. Stay happy .Happiness is also very important

Sometimes in achieving our goals and doing hardwork we forget about our happiness and health .Take care of yourself

You can do it💪❤

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